Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Story of Hope and Restoration-Part 30

Remember that double-minded thing I was telling you about?  Well, Josh informed me that he never fought! What? You NEVER fought?  Thought you said you tried and tried to stop yourself and God never helped? Which was it? You did or you didn't?  See the lies?  Can you believe a double-minded man? 

The world offers nothing but a spot in hell. At the least....with serving God....he offers a reward for the faithful. Satan definitely has a way with discouragement and making his lies seem like truth.  He mentioned never being happy. He was never happy in our marriage or family. I cannot imagine how the children would have felt hearing him say that! But, of course, Satan uses our mouths, and he was definitely using Josh's.  BUT, by this time, it may have stung, but I was more quickly remembering that they were ALL lies.  Plus, he was beginning to feel like he had not hurt me "that badly!"  He said that since I am so strong I can take the truth. 

The baby's birth was coming soon.....Josh wanted a birth plan. I guess, apparently, my plans had changed over the last three births.  Honestly, I was surprised. I am sure it was his way of "caring!"  I mean, he WAS trying to impress the "other woman."  She felt sorry for me, so he needed to show he cared. He really was taking an interest. Sadly, more than he had most any other pregnancy.  I tried not to focus on that, but the calls 3-4 times a day to "check" on me were excessive for him.  He never showed an interest.  I guess he was scared I might not tell him?