Friday, March 5, 2010

Story of Hope and Restoration-Part 34

The next day Jael woke up crying; she had a bad dream. Daddy always prayed with her and helped her stop crying.  Her dream was about Josh; he was playing with her and they were having fun together, and he dropped her off at home. He never came back! She said she has it all the time.  Josh wasn't a Daddy anymore; he was her father. BIG DIFFERENCE! 

This was not a good start to my emotional day, but I had to keep it together.  Levi was getting circumcised.  Josh never mentioned it; he never called. He never said a word.  Did he forget?  He wasn't around for Ezekiel's either, but he at least prayed over him and blessed him.  Nothing this time.....was it a gradual decline I had not seen coming?  Had everything else come before family?  His business and making money was more important? Dad blessed him, and he prayed over him.  It was sweet, but it was just not the same.  Levi was so calm, and I know God's peace was upon him. 

At his circumcision he started to cry and the doctor said, "I'm sorry!"  He immediately stopped crying. I said, "That's all he wanted!"  The doctor said, "Yes, we could all learn to say I'm sorry more often!"  I almost burst out into tears; why did everything hurt? I only wanted, "I'm sorry!"