Sunday, March 7, 2010

Story of Hope and Restoration-Part 37

The day for Josh's police interview had arrived.  I know it's exciting for him. I wonder if he has the support he wants?  Maybe he felt he had everything he needed?  I prayed he did well? 

Sometimes I wanted to say the kids could not go to dinner with him, but I couldn't bear to see them hurt.  If he had time, I wanted them to go!   Josh was so self-centered; how did someone who cared so much get so selfish.  I did have to e-mail him and tell him he was NOT allowed to drink and then drive the children. If he was out with them, he could NOT drink.  AND if he did, then I could pick them up.  I didn't make demands on him for my sake, but I could not be responsible for his feelings being above the lives and safety of the children. I would be "happy" to drive them to wherever he wanted to eat. 

Dad talked to Josh every so often; he never changed. He always tried to convince Josh to come home.  I understood him wanting to do what he did--it's him.  I do wish it worked!

Josh always thought taking the kids to dinner once a week would help them not be sad. I really wondered if they would ever be happy?  Jael realized that Halloween was coming up soon, and she asked if he would be celebrating.  Of course, he lied to her. BUT how could I tell her that? 

She prayed for him, and so did Abishai. Abishai added to his normal prayer of "holding Daddy's hand tight" prayer.........a "bring Daddy home and shut the door tight!"  I loved listening to their prayers!  Such faith and boldness!