Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Story of Hope and Restoration--Part 40

God did things that would I could have NEVER imagined.  Josh's Dad called me because he had received a phone call from the other woman's father?  Yes, her father!!  What grown woman's dad gets in her business, other than mine?  No, really, I was shocked.  Dad met with her father, and he explained that his daughter was raised better than this.  What?  Seriously!  Two people with the same spirits; Satan had made SURE they found each other. God was showing us that he was putting up more and more roadblocks.  God was trying to show Josh he cared, but Josh wasn't seeing it.  If anything, it only caused the rebellion to increase. 

For me, though, it was more confirmation that God was hearing my prayers, that he was NOT letting go!  Even if Josh thinks he is comfortable with his choices, or that his family isn't bugging him, as much!!  God was going to show him that he wasn't ever going to find peace with his decisions. 

Her Dad filled in some blanks for us, and we found that Josh's big scare was that his daughter had been drugged!  UGH!!! What were they doing??  He was so concerned; he took such great care in making sure she was well taken care of.....he just didn't care about the hurt he was causing to me?  I wanted to throw up!  Josh told her parents that he was getting a divorce.  They were not happy to find out that this was NOT the case, because now they felt he lied to them. 

I wondered if he ever told the other woman how often he talked to me? Did he tell her he wants me to be his friend?  Why would he tell her parents that his parents pastored a church? Did he not care that they didn't approve? Did he cringe inside, or did he believe his own lies? Did he want to be called out? Did he want to get caught?

Her Dad called Josh.  Part of me really hoped it would make a "dent" in Josh's head.  BUT, then again, I also knew that unless Josh had a heart change it really didn't matter.  Her dad wanted Dad to talk some sense into him....we had spend 3 months trying to do that; it wasn't going to work.  His was shocked to hear that his own daughter would treat me in the way that she had.  He apologized. 

I prepared my heart to have the circumstances "not" line up with what the Holy Spirit was doing behind the scenes.  Josh was destermined to get a lot of mud in his face.  I could only pray that Josh would realize his soul was being sought after by God--on our behalf. 

Thank you, Lord, for your reassurance that you do go after that one lost sheep.